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❤ KEITH ❤ keithsprout enamel pin


a rose gold 1.5" enamel pin of keit- keith! your sprout is flowering!!!!

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: please note that this pin has a certain defect: the manufacturer did not put two pin needles on the back, so keith is... flipping upside down...

HOWEVER, i have taken the initiative to glue an extra pin to each. this unfortunately is weaker than the original pin, so consider using this pin as a pin board decoration or ita bag piece behind a plastic protection, instead as a clothing accessory, or the added pin may break off.

NOTE: in the case the pin on the back breaks off, i will not be counting it as a returnable/exchangable item (unless if it arrives in the mail already broken) because i am advertising this product with this notified defect.

(i typically would price this piece at $12, but because of this restriction i've discounted it to $10.)